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When your home becomes a solar heat trap, your wallet and indoor air temperatures suffer. However, you don't have to compromise on comfort — even on the hottest day of the year. Perfection Attic Audit Specialists are available to inspect your attic space and make energy-saving recommendations with immediate payback — both physically and financially. The audit will include a review of insulation thickness, ventilation and air leakage and provide an array of money-saving solutions.

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Please note this is only a general estimate and not exact pricing for blown fiberglass insulation to be added to the home’s attic. Estimated price does not include removing any insulation and does not include any other products that might be desired including attic fans, radiant barrier or batt insulation. In order to confirm the price for your job, we will need to do a walk-through of the area to be insulated and discuss any other options that you may be interested in.

attic insulation
The DOE recommends insulating attic spaces in areas with Houston's climate to at least R-38. The proper amount of insulation in your attic can increase the effectiveness of your HVAC system, resulting in less energy used and lower monthly costs.
air infiltration
from the attic
into your home
Air entering your home through your attic is unfiltered and much hotter than the air outside. Creates a more pleasant home environment by reducing unwanted heat, humidity and dust from entering your home.
Apply radiant
barrier paint
or foil
By blocking radiant heat, you can reduce attic temps by 10 to 25+ degrees. Energy Star certified roof coating can lower A/C bills 15-20%. Easy to install or retrofit.
Install solar
attic fan
Offers better cooling performance than electric fans. Operating the fan consumes no energy which can save up to $160 over electric fans. Comes with a lifetime warranty and tax credit.
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