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Reprogramming Your Remote Control


Each transmitter can use one of 65,536 unique security codes.

It may be necessary to program the remote receiver to LEARN the security code of the transmitter upon initial use, if batteries are replaced, or if a replacement transmitter is purchased from your dealer or the factory.

How to Reprogram (or “Learn”) your Fireplace Remote Control

  • Place the receiver slide switch to the “REMOTE” position.
  • Get a small item like a toothpick and push it into the “Learn” pinhole. Hold it down for 10 seconds.
  • After a 10 second hold, release the toothpick. You should hear 3 beeps. Hearing the 3 beeps lets you know that any previous memory has been cleared.
  • Press the toothpick into the “Learn” pinhole again and quickly release. You should hear 1 beep.
  • Press the “ON” button on the hand held transmitter.
  • You should hear a fast series of repetitive beeps from the receiver. You have successfully reprogrammed the remote and your fireplace should be turning on.
  • If the fireplace does not turn on, try the series of steps again. If after multiple tries, your fireplace still does not turn on, call Perfection for service.


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