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Perfection Supply offers a complete line of proven, effective soundproofing products for any application. We are the leading distributor for soundproofing products in Houston, and have the products below in stock for same day pick up. There is not a single product that works for soundproofing -- you need the right product for YOUR sound control project. We will quickly evaluate your existing noise control problem and provide you with a soundproofing solution that will work, and the support you need to install the products correctly.

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Green Glue Green Glue Noiseproofing Compound
Green Glue is a very simple, very effective product for use between layers of drywall or plywood. Green Glue provides a thin, flexible layer between two hard boards, and actually absorbs sound vibrations. Datasheet
Mass loaded vinyl Mass Loaded Vinyl
Mass Loaded Vinyl is the most popular soundproofing product in the industry. It provides a thin, flexible, heavy layer under drywall to break the vibration connection. At only 1/8" thick, you can incorporate Mass Loaded Vinyl into your project without concern for changing doors or windows. Datasheet
Channel clips Sound Isolation Clips
For superior soundproofing results, Sound Isolation Clips are the most effective solution available. Sound Isolation Clips are used with a drywall channel that completely breaks the vibration connection between sides of a partition, preventing noise from getting to the other side. Datasheet


Wood Privacy Ultimate Underlay
Privacy Ultimate Underlay provides a soundproofing solution for any hard floor covering. Available in different thicknesses and weights, we will help you block sound from both footsteps and voices, TV or stereo noise. Datasheet
Carpet Privacy Carpet Underlay
Privacy Carpet Underlay is available in two different versions for solving soundproofing problems that include footstep noise and music, voices or TV noise through the floor from above or below. Datasheet
Tile Privacy Tile/Stone Underlay
Privacy Tile/Stone Underlay has specific properties to work directly under any tile or stone floor. With a peel and stick adhesive on one side, Privacy Tile/Stone underlay provides a quick and easy soundproofing solution that will save time and absorb footstep noise. Datasheet
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